A Quick Note

It has been a very good season so far for Pleasant Garden Youth Basketball. There are only a few weeks left and then the big tournament at Southeast. We have seen many competitive games and some blowouts too. But win or lose always remember this is a recreation league and the main goals are to learn some basketball skills, learn what it means to be part of a TEAM and how to support one another, and above all have FUN!!!

THIS IS FOR THE KIDS! We adults are there in the bleachers to support our kids and the other kids. We have coaches spending valuable time from their lives with their own kids and your kids too, and in many cases coaches and league officials are there without any kids of their own. They are giving a gift of their time to the kids of this league.

Another important part of our program are our referees and scorekeepers. We take pride in having some of the best officials of any league in our region. Most of our refs are high school refs and some are also refereeing college games. Please remember these guys are people, just like you and I, who are working hard to call what they see within reason and make the games the best they can be. Please be thankful for our officials and the jobs they do. Please avoid yelling or arguing with the refs. That never does any good for anyone and sets a terrible example for our kids.

We thank you for being here at PGYBA and are very glad your kids are a part of our program. Now let’s finish this season off with a competitive spirit and great sportsmanship. The tournament, as always, promises to be filled with action again in 2017. See you all at the gym.

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