Dress Code

The following Dress Code has been established for all players and all leagues of Pleasant Garden Youth Basketball Association

  1. No undershirts of any kind.
  2. Compression shorts may not extend below shorts.
  3. Socks to be either black or white (not black and white) and must match. No other color will be permitted on socks.
  4. Knee pads and braces are allowed but must be either black or white and must not extend below socks. If worn by teammates they must be same color and match. No undergarment shall extend below shorts.
  5. Ankle braces must match and be the same color as socks.
  6. Shorts cannot extend below top of socks.
  7. Arm and leg sleeves are not allowed. Sleeves with knee pads are not allowed.
  8. All braces and any other equipment not noted above will be per NCHSAA or the National Federation specifications or approved by PGYBA.
  9. Jewelry of any kind will not be allowed. Hair pins, hard plastic hair clasps or hair beads will not be allowed.
  10. Head bands if worn must be either black or white and if worn by teammates must match.
  11. It is recommended that all shorts be black.

Thank you all for your cooperation!

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